Virales Video „Junge furchtlose Frau geht mit ihrer Schlange (Haustier, Boa Constrictor) eine Runde im See schwimmen“

Video auf Rumble: <link>
Originaltitel: „Woman Takes Pet Boa Constrictor For Swim“
Beschreibung des Nutzers: „Boas are a group of reptiles that differ from poisonous snakes by the special way they hunt and kill their prey. They are non-venomous serpents renowned for their way of subduing their prey. They do not bite their victims, but suffocate them: they squeeze or constrict them to death (this is where their name Boa Constrictor comes from). In this respect, they are very similar to their close relatives – pythons and anacondas. Though boa constrictors do not reach the same length as their relatives, anacondas and reticulated pythons, these snakes are on the list of the longest snakes in the world. However, boas exceed their non-poisonous brethren in diversity: in nature, they number 60 species.“


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