Virales Video „Känguru begrüßt Paragleiter mit einem eher unfreundlichen Faustschlag ins Gesicht in Canberra, Australien“

Video auf Rumble: <link>
Originaltitel: „Curious Kangaroo Charges Paraglider“
Beschreibung des Nutzers: „Humans have this funny characteristic of associating certain human qualities with animals in the wilderness. One explanation why we do this is in attempt to make these highly unpredictable wild animals familiar to us. So the lion becomes heroic and brave, the donkey is stubborn, the wolf is a loner, the fox is tricky and the cat is extremely curious. Sure, they exhibit some of these behaviors and traits, but it is more likely than not their natural survival instinct kicking in, rather than any human-like behavior on their part. This means that a cat can be stubborn, a wolf can be curious and a fox can be brave, no matter how we stereotype them…“


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