Virales Video „Programmierer aus Guangzhou City, China täuscht seinen Chef und verblüfft die Welt mit seinen Zockerreflexen“

Video auf Rumble: <link>
Originaltitel: „Employee Rapidly Switches Between Game And Work Screens Before Manager Can Notice“
Beschreibung des Nutzers: „Sometimes we’re tired of adulting. It is hard, it drains you of energy and it doesn’t seem like it has a purpose. The only thing you want to do is escape it all and run to the magic land called childhood where you could do whatever you wanted no matter the consequences. Instead, you are trapped in a 9 to 5 job, crunching away at numbers and waiting for the day to end so that you can go to bed, only to start anew the following morning. Unfortunately, magic and fairytales don’t pay the bills, so we might have to stick a bit longer in the adult realm. But whatever we do, we must keep our inner child alive. It is the source of our creativity and it helps us brighten our days just a little bit more. We shouldn’t stop doing the things we loved doing as children, whether it was doing sports, singing or even playing computer games, and this footage shows us just how it’s done.“


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