Virales Video „Seekuh nutzt einen Wasserstrahl um sich vom Geplätscher ihren Bauch etwas kraulen zu lassen“

Video auf Rumble: <link>
Originaltitel: „Manatee Turns Over And Enjoys A Belly Scratch From Hose“
Beschreibung des Nutzers: „Manatees are sometimes called sea cows, because they are very similar to those land animals. They are docile creatures and very slow eaters, hence the moniker. Manatees are large, fully-aquatic marine mammals of the order Sirenia. They are sometimes known as sea cows. The manatees form the genus Trichechus. There are three manatee species. They are mainly herbivores, spending most of their time grazing in shallow waters at depths of 1-2 meters.“


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